Paris by Night: Hot Spots and Things To Do

Paris can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Personally, I still need to find where the best places are but for now I can show you some low key hipster bars and unusual activities.

Last weekend I spent my Friday evening in the Fifty-Fifty bar. Like every other French bar, this place is small, but cozy. The dim light contributes for the intimate atmosphere. We sat on the bar so that we could observe the bartenders. Since I was a bartender once upon a time, I enjoy watching their work. I have never been an expert, but I can easily make some basic cocktails and shots.


If you are a cocktail lover like me then you must try this place! The menu has a section with special Winter/Fall cocktails. Conveniently, they wrote some key words on the taste of each cocktail so that you can choose based on your taste preferences and not base on the main alcohol. My choice was called “JUST LIKE A WOMAN” and it had Dolin Blanc vermouth which is a light type of vermouth, Yuzuchu (liqueur made of citrus fruits), cranberry juice and tonic water. You could say that it resembles a Cosmo because of the ingredients but not so much.

My boyfriend tried “SIMON WANTS ACID”. To be honest, this would have been my second choice. It’s made of gin, St-Germain (elderflower liqueur), lemon liqueur and cardamon.

On Saturday I had to work, that’s why we skipped the second cocktail and went home early. After work on the next day, we had tickets for a classical concert. It was a nice event that was a bit more original than usual. The event is called “Candlelight concerts” and this week’s one was in the amphitheater of the Oceanography museum in Paris.

The organization of the event was great and the crowd too. They asked us in the beginning if we have already been to classical concerts and to my amazement a lot of people said no. In my hometown it’s always the same people that you meed in this types of events. This showed me how open people in Paris are to new things and new experiences. We have listened to three sonatas from Beethoven. Before each one of them, the pianist told us a small anecdote about it.

From classical music we changed the venue to a rock bar with live music. We drank a beer and went home so I could not make any photos of the bar.

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