Holiday Gifts Guide

The holiday season is around the corner and everyone is stressing out about gift shopping. The joy of Christmas has slowly transformed into the dread of choosing the right gift for everyone. We get agitated by our budget or the unavailability of the desired item and slowly forget what the holiday is all about.

We have to keep in mind that one’s upon a time Christmas was one of the few days in the year where people bought stuff for each other and got presents. Nowadays we buy things for ourselves weekly and we don’t “need” so many things. It becomes more and more difficult to find a nice present for someone who already has everything.

When choosing gifts, I try to pick up something small, but cute and at the same time somewhat practical. Here is my guide for this Christmas season.

For everyone who is above 18 years old and has already moved out of his parents, a nice gift would be anything for the house. When growing up, we start to think more and more about the decoration of our home and how our new apartment represents us. Since our home is part of who we are, we should make sure that it reflects our character. As Aleksander Petrovsky told Carrie “I love your house. It’s so you… warm and lovely”.

My favorite French store for everything related to the house is “Maisons du monde” (Houses of the world). They can always tempt you with their beautifully pre-arranged tables. My personal favorite is the champagne glasses with gold ornaments.

There is always the possibility to buy something “Christmassy” like these tree ornaments:

I find candles the most appropriate gift for this time (or any time) of the year. People become more and more obsessed with candles and why not? They make a great atmosphere and can bring mystery and magic into the house.

Candle –

While shopping for our friends and relatives, we should not forget our four-legged friends as well.

To find a gift for the tech-savvy is very difficult because even the smallest thing can be rather pricy. How about these cute power banks? They are fun and practical in any situation.


Another option is this tile that helps you find your keys.


A fun and not-so-original gift for a guy would be socks. With “Happy socks” this present became expected but still appreciated.

Perfume is something that everyone could use. If you are a fan of Jo Malone like me, I would suggest you go to Zara. It’s quite interesting that the woman behind the brand did a collaboration with Zara and you could buy it in the store.

One thing that a woman can never have “too many” is jewelry.


Books are also a gift that I would die for. That’s why I always assume that everyone else is happy to get one as well. You can opt for a table book like this one or get something way more practical like this one:


Or this stylish travel guide.

Last but not least, I found some little goodies in “Palais du thé” or the Palace of tea. You can find it strange, but I feel so relaxed in this place. The small cup of tea you get when entering sets the mood for a warm and pleasant shopping experience. You can smell the different tea sorts and then choose the best one.

There are gift sets as well.

Happy shopping everybody!!

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